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Fashion in Every Season

Posted by Lyntrell on

Fall is back and the time has changed in more ways than one!

When the time changes we think of the many things including the seasons changing. One thing for sure happens when the seasons change and that’s our wardrobe changes! (Who wants to wear a swimsuit in the snow? Right!) There are several staple pieces that every woman should had that are true to versatile in EVERY single season and I’ll give you five of them now! I’ll also share our year-round color picks!

Here we go:

  • 1.Leggings pair with cute crop tops in the Summer, tunics in the Fall, boots in the Winter, and cardigans in the Spring!
  • 2.Little Black Dresses pair well with tights and knee boots in the Winter, blazers in the Spring, sandals in the Summer, and a scarf in the Fall!
  • 3.Maxi dresses pair well with flip flops in the Summer, ankle boots in the Fall, scarves in the Winter, and pumps in the Spring.
  • 4.Jeans pair well with tanks and crop tops in the Summer, Long sleeves in the Fall, scarves and thigh boots in the Winter, and loose fitting shirts in the Spring
  • 5.Pumps pair well with skirts in the Summer, Joggers in the Fall, Jeans in the Winter, and dresses in the Spring.

Color Picks for all year long:

  • 1.Nude. Nude lipstick, heels, and clothing does not go out of style! We love pairing nudes in all seasons!
  • 2.Pink. I know this sounds very cliché, but we mean it! You can wear pink in the Winter on your lips and in the Summer on your hips! With so many shades of pink you really can’t go wrong!
  • 3.Red. Although I have a love hate relationship with red it really does stay fiery all year long! From red lipstick, to red hair, to red nails and so on you can wear this color throughout the year!

Now that you’ve seen some of the things we love and need year-round we’d love to hear your thoughts! What are some items you have and can wear year-round? What are some colors you can wear all year long?

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