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Kisses for Kids


     Lyntrell is a mother who found success as a professional makup artist and by owning and operating several businesses including 86 Kisses Boutique and The Wealthy Impact. She has always found joy in helping those in need, even when it meant giving more than she may have had at the time. She has donated her time, love, wisdom, and finances to many causes over the years and is proud to offer this same opportunity to others during this time of year.

     As a teen mother, Lyntrell saw many teen moms and single mothers who could not afford to buy their children gifts for the holidays. Although she was always fortunate enough to be able to provide that cheer for her children, she said if she was ever in the position to give back that she would. No child deserves to go without at least one gift during this time of year. While 86 Kisses Boutique may not be able to provide for every single child this year, We will be able to bring smiles to the faces of many with the support from angels like you in our community!

Thank you in advance for all that you do to graciously give back to those who may not have joy this season without you!